The Good Fight Club

is designed to bring together leaders who are ‘fighting the good fight’

 * creating an environment where we can explore our ideas, support each other in the work that we’re doing and identify ways of collaborating for the benefit of everyone.

* “Fighting the Good Fight” means working to create positive social change either locally, across the UK or overseas.

Peer support and peerless supper

Leadership can be lonely, and it can also be hard to explore ideas and sound out colleagues within our organizations, since robust challenge is sometimes held back… So having a place where ideas can be freely explored and fresh perspectives developed through connecting with people outside our specialism can really make the evening more than just some dinner and a chat.

Clear your plate but not your mind

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and that goes for dinner too… so firstly, dinner isn’t free (but it is at cost) and secondly there’s a reasonable expectation that you’ll have insightful and interesting things to say and ask over dinner… so, it’s not a free lunch, and it’s not a no-brainer either…

Big fights and small…

Leaders are invited from small and large organizations with great ambitions… Leaders from all scales need support and while we will sometimes have events dedicated to a particular sector or issue, a regular Good Fight Club night should have a mix of leaders from across the spectrum in terms of issue, scale and experience.

Enjoy the food and just connect

At Good Fight Club events there is no need to swap business cards, make notes, create appointments and talk about logistics, since we create brief profiles with every guest in advance, containing

  • Their name and picture
  • Their contact details
  • The good fight they are fighting
  • The critical support, resources, connections or opportunities they are looking right now

All of this is online seven days before each Good Fight Club event, and is archived online after one month, so guests can follow up and make connections in the days and weeks after a dinner.

What happens?

We invite people to Good Fight Club dinners based on recommendations, referrals and requests; we ask you to suggest other people who you think would benefit and contribute, we search out people beyond our networks to make sure we keep diverse company and we also welcome requests from people that hear about The Good Fight Club and would like to come along…

Normally the process follows these

(really rather straightforward) steps

1. Invite – We get in touch with you, tell you about The Good Fight Club, and invite you to join us for a dinner.

2. Accept – You decide it sounds like a useful and enjoyable way to spend an evening, and you accept.

3. Describe – We gather a description from you of

  • Your name and picture
  • Your contact details
  • The good fight you are fighting
  • The critical support, resources, connections or opportunities you are looking right now

And we publish them online a week before the dinner.

4. Attend – You take a look at the group who are coming to your dinner if you have time in the preceding week and then you turn up at The House of St Barnabus, 1 Greek Street, Soho, London for The Good Fight Club dinner.

5. Explore – You explore ideas, experiences, plans and dreams with the other people who are at the dinner, you build relationships and make connections.

6. Connect – You go online the following day (or week/month) to get contact details, remind yourself of some of the projects and ideas that your fellow GFC members are working on, and make contact with the people that you feel you can support or want to engage with.