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Richard Watts – Everyone Foundation
What is your role?

Where do you work?
Everyone Foundation

What is your ‘Good Fight’?
We believe that if we all felt more connected, if our common human identity held greater sway over us, we would make better decisions about our communities, countries and planet. And we are interested in understanding more about how that can be achieved. The foundation explores ways for everyone to increase empathy and be more connected so that our complacency is reduced about human issues such injustice, inequality of opportunity, extreme hunger, war and conflicts – at home and around the world.

We work to achieve our goals in three ways 1. Advocacy and promotion, 2. Getting connected to likeminded people (The Good Fight Club is part of this strand) and 3. Research and Application. Recent projects have involved working with organisations including, WWF, Oxfam, Comic Relief, VSO, GLA, One Campaign, WI, ACE and Join-in UK.
Desmond Tutu said, “the everyone foundation has the potential to transform the way we see ourselves as human beings, each of us one part of everyone,” We’ve got a long way to go, but he’s right about the potential and the goal we are aiming for.

What do you need to realise your goal?
At the moment we want to meet people who are trying to do the same as us, and we want to help others achieve their goals for everyone.
We want to meet people who will benefit from coming to a Good Fight Club dinner – this project is to help leaders of social change get more connected and related. We see that bringing great people together in an environment that fosters connection, rapport and mutuality will create contributions to all our wider goals.
We are about to grow our organisation and we will need great minds, passionate hearts and ambitious goals from the people we do that with. We are always looking for people to think, work and live along side.
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