Jeremy Trevathan

Jeremy Trevathan – Macmillan Publishing

What is your role?

Where do you work?
What is your ‘Good Fight’?
I work in the trade publishing sector, i.e. we publish fiction and non-fiction that you might see in bookstores. The imprints in the division I run include Macmillan, Pan and Picador. It is an industry in huge transition (for about the last eight years) as a result of technical developments both in the formats we publish and in the relationships with our key stakeholders. Our biggest customer could be turning into our biggest competitor. Authors have a more direct relationship with their readers. We have a more direct relationship with our readers. My issue to try and define the role of a publisher in this new world and how to change a traditional environment of opposition into one of partnership.

What do you need to realise your goal?
I’d really just like to connect with others with experiences in areas other than publishing to see where there are similarities or synergies.

Where can we find out more?