Piers Bradford

Piers Bradford – Project Everyone, Radio Everyone
What is your role?
Head of Radio Everyone

Where do you work?
Project Everyone

What is your ‘Good Fight’?
I am working as part of a Richard Curtis project called Project Everyone. It is a series of creative initatives, with the intention of making the next set of UN Sustainable Development Goals “famous.” The top line is that 15 years after the MDG’s were released, this September sees the next set of UN Goals being signed. Can we get the goals to 7 billion people across the world? (No – but let’s fail gloriously). There are a range of different projects covering faith, mobile, digital, education, cinema, a massive live music event and Radio – which is the one I’m leading.

What do you need to realise your goal?
We are seed funded by the Gates foundation, and a range of corporates and philanthropists are supporting the project with both finance and in kind. However we still need funding to deliver on all of our ambitions.
The project is also dependent on the halo effect of global celebrity – so if anyone has Taylor Swift on speed dial that would be useful.
Any connections with global Radio stations / networks would also be appreciated.
Finally creative brainwaves about content ideas which will help to make the goals famous are always welcome.

Where can we find out more?