Director at Situations

What is your ‘Good Fight’?

At Situations, we commission artists,
writers, musicians and performers to
make new work in public settings,
often beyond conventional contexts
for the arts. My good fight is to create
space, time and opportunities for
brave new ideas to take place and in
turn and to encourage those for whom
the arts have seemed irrelevant to
take part or to come and explore.
Much of my time is spent convincing
cities and towns to ditch tried-and-tested formats for commissioning public art or entertainment events in favour of riskier, but potentially more valuable, new forms of public art. To do this, Situations has to reach beyond the arts sector to champion these new ways of working and beyond our region in the South West. We want to build a national profile for what we are doing over the next year to achieve this.

What do you need to realise your goal?

I’d like to build a better network of advocates and supporters for our work in London and advice on how to build a broader national profile.

Claire Doherty MBE