Consultant, facilitator, network entrepreneur

Current Projects

Clore Social 2017 Fellow

#agefriendlylondon Consultant with Greater London Authority, focused on building older people’s agency and intergenerational cohesion across London.

Project Crossroads a pioneering programme looking at how we can bridge the generation gap across businesses. Currently piloting with M&S and Unilever.

Beyond Youth – a collaborative effort to improve the way we think about our life journeys.

What is your ‘Good Fight’?

I am interested in how we think about ageing at a time when we can expect to live for 25+ years beyond retirement and almost half our life as an older person!
I am passionate about challenging negativity and low aspirations surrounding ageing and stereotyping people by age – oldest old, baby boomers, millennials, generation Z. I am interested in collaborative projects that bring younger and older people together to tackle prejudice, build resilience and design new futures.
My background is in global ageing and leading social change.
I developed The Global AgeWatch Index which was instrumental in issues of age being included in the UN Sustainable Goals and founded the international Age Demands Action campaign.

What do you need to realise your goal?

Ideas and collaboration on how to could shape a national conversation on ageing. Starting with a London wide debate. Support on programme design.

Contact Jane: / 07713 070306

Jane Scobie