Cultural Provocateur including performance artist, musician, composer, Co-Director at MAS Productions

What is your ‘Good Fight’?

Bringing a new (old?) type of performance to light, which combines influences of contemporary and old ritual, probing of extreme political positions, magic, art, sex, science into one incendiary mix.

What do you need to realise your goal?

  • We’ve been working towards a culmination of sorts for 3 years. Entering into this phase we are searching for:
  • Funding
  • Business consultancy – ways to make our project work as business.

We are working 
towards setting up as a C.I.O but I think we need help with thinking around our particular 
business model

  • Contacts with producers and promoters, domestic and international.
  • Contacts with drama schools and venue’s theatre groups. Education and Outreach work 
is a part of our creative process and we are looking for more opportunities to fulfil this element of our output.

Where can we find out more?

Nwando Ebizie