Partner at Leadership and Team Development consultancy, Inchigo

Inchigo is a company of facilitators, coaches and personal development specialists who support business through their common mission: to make profitable enterprise, social engagement and human development one and the same.

 What is your ‘Good Fight’?

I’m really passionate about supporting leaders to deliver their missions. Whether that’s through coaching, training or other kinds of business support. I find myself often asking organisations to show up and grow up. This means challenging leaders to enquire into the merging of economic value (generating money), social (societal) value and human value (human development). As opposed to these three things existing within an organization but often not in an interconnected way. In our corporate work, we often see these things sitting separately and I’m interested in how that might look in the not for profit sector…


What do you need to realise your goal?

Introductions and new relationships. We have a desire to work with more leaders and organisations in the social and cultural sectors (currently we largely work with more traditional businesses). Help in meeting those people would be great.
Where can we find out more?

Contact Russell: / 07779 661627

Russell Saunders