Director of dance theatre company, Sweetshop Revolution

What is your ‘Good Fight’?

There are two thing I’d love to do next year. One is artistic and one is structural. The first is to make a piece called 100 Women – a large-scale dance piece celebrating 100 years since women got the vote in 1918 consisting of 100 of the best female dancers in the contemporary world at the moment (to be experienced through live performance and a digital version).

My vision is 50 solos, 30 duets and 20 small trios of a few minutes each and then a big unison to last around three hours and performed in venues such as The Roundhouse and The Clore Ballroom. The project will probably cost £100,000 so I am looking for some wonderful supporters, fundraisers and innovators. People say this is too ambitious, that it’s not possible at all. I want to prove them wrong and bring extraordinary people together.

The second strand I am looking to develop focusses on the structures in which the contemporary dance theatre world operates and how to create greater support for dance artists working within it as choreographers. There is a huge shortage of good producers in the industry and so I’d like to find a way to fund an independent producing house for dance and a platform for dancers and collaborators – acting almost as an agency that links people directly with dance artists themselves.

What do you need to realise your goal?

Initially, some advice in terms of contacts for expert fundraising advice, social media advice, database development and software for Mac, good website designer and / or designer of digital platforms.

Where can we find out more?
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Sally Marie